Sechura Rock

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Increase your land productivuty with this natural fertilizer from Peru!

What Sechura Rock is

It is a 100% natural tricalcium phosphate fertilizer, ideal for acidic soils. The Sechura Phosphoric Rock is highly reactive and contributes phosphorus (P2O5) to the soil with a gradual and sustained delivery over time.

Sechura Rock chemical composition

P2O5 – 30,5%  |  CaO – 47,5%  |  MgO – 1% |  K2O – 0,21%  |  Na2O – 1,5% | SO4 – 3%  |  Cl – 3%  |  B – 0,05%  |  SiO2 – 4,2%  | Mo – 47 ppm  | Zn – 87 ppm 

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Benefits of fertilizing with Bayovar Phosphate

It provides macro and micronutrients to soil

It is an optimal complement with amonium fertilizers.

It is highly reactive (soluble in organic acids in the soil).

It is an economical phosphorus source.

It improves the soil structure.

It is a tricalcium phosphate

Its source is marine sedimentary (suitable for direct application)

It improves pH soil

It provides phosphorus (P205) 18% and calcium (CaO) 32%

It provides molybdenum (Mo), an element that stimulates the development of nodules in the roots of clovers

It neutralizes the Aluminum phytotoxic effect (Al) and Manganese (Mn)

It is a 100% organic product

It reduces Aluminum (Al) saturation in acidic soil ácidos.

It improves the meadow botanical composition.

It supplies phosphorus (P2O5) gradually and steadily (P2O5)

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