Bayovar Phosphate

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What is it

It is a 100% natural tricalcium phosphate fertilizer with direct application, ideal for acidic soils.

The highly reactive Phosphoric Rock provides soil with a high percentage of Phosphorus (P2O5) from its application with a gradual and sustained delivery over time.


Bayovar Phosphate contributes a fundamental value to the growth of meadows and crops as it is a source of natural phosphorous as well as having macro and micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron, molybdenum, etc. In addition, it contains free carbonates, such as calcite and dolomite, which can reduce aluminum saturation in acidic soils, increase soil pH and decrease aluminum toxicity.


It is perfect to obtain more efficient and healthy crops, capable of maintaining itself over time and multiplying its production levels.

Chemical composition of Bayovar Phosphate

P2O5 – 30,5%  |  CaO – 47,5%  |  MgO – 1% |  K2O – 0,21%  |  Na2O – 1,5% | SO4 – 3%  |  Cl – 3%  |  B – 0,05%  |  SiO2 – 4,2%  | Mo – 47 ppm  | Zn – 87 ppm 

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Benefits of fertilizing with Bayovar Phosphate

It is highly reactive (soluble in organic acids in the soil)

It provides Phosphorus (P205) 30.5%, Calcium (CaO) 47.5%, macro and micro nutrients

It supplies phosphorus (P2O5) gradually and steadily

It provides Molybdenum (Mo), an element that drives the development of nodules in the clover’s roots (legumes in general)

It is tricalcium

Its origin is marine sedimentary (suitable for direct application)

It improves the soil pH

It improves the botanical composition of meadow

It improves soil structure

It reduces Aluminum saturation (Al)

It neutralizes the Aluminum phytotoxic effect (Al) and Manganese (Mn)

It is an optimal complement with ammonia fertilizers

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